4 Indian Chicken Dinner Recipes Under 30 Minutes | 4 Quick & Easy Chi…


4 Indian Chicken Dinner Recipes Under 30 Minutes | 4 Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes For Working Mom

In this video I have shared 4 Indian chicken dinner recipes under 30 minutes.This recipes are quick and easy and the best for working mom.I hope so you all will like my recipes.

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  1. ❣Hi, Payal, REALLY, I shouldn't watch your videos in the night, I always become hungry…but I don't sleep so well at the moment, maybe because the weather is actually changing so much. As usual I will try all this with Soja pieces or mushrooms and let you know how it came out. Ginger garlic paste is something very essential for you, right? ;-). I like ginger, too, as well as in sweet form, as tea or paste… Thank you for sharing, you seem to feel better now!? Love, Monika❣

  2. Payal, very good collection of recipes….One tip…just try and let me know…since blended fresh tomatoes often do not lend colour, when you are adding turmeric and chilli powder, add it directly into the oil, making a small space between the chicken pieces, the colour of the dish changes dramatically….Take care and get well soon.

  3. Wonderful recipes. Small doubt- I see that you always use stainless steel utensils and not non-stick ones. Any particular reason for that? Are stainless steel utensils better for health?

  4. Haha…yesterday night m cooked parantha and chicken kosha….and today u telling abt tat..kya telepathy hai….all ur recipes r very yummy….bhalo theko