Awesome Cooking Steamed Egg With Pork Delicious Recipe – Cook Egg Rec…


Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Steamed Egg With Pork Delicious Recipe – Cook Egg Recipes – Village Food Factory
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  1. Åhh ja – glemmer det ALDRIG sad sammen med lokale strand luret middag – noget jeg turde indtage – ikke ristede larver, myrer spises som slik gåture markeder, men rejer tog dip rød peber 20 gange stærkere forventet, tog vejret fra mig 😉 ville tage safevand NO- NO bare værre lød advarsel spis brød vædske får smag ned smagsløg Rådet fulgt 😉

  2. I suggest to cook very well the pork meat
    It is cause of worm in our body and this kind od worm so very dangerous .try to search about that

  3. I fell the nostalgic of my deceased mother in this video that you shared,cause before if I work in our corn farm my mother chased me and cook for our meal,you are so wonderful,the background remind me of my yesteryears thank you

  4. I'm from Philippines, I like ur style cooking, very neat and creative, healthy, every time watching ur video I feel hungry… Can I ask something, why always use sugar?