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yummy banana leaf chicken by countryfoods


  1. Wow my dear sister, well done, u really are doing an awesome job preparing delicious food. Yes grandma is amazing, I'm sure she will be proud to see all she as taught u being practiced with such pride, God bless you n gran

  2. Certainly Granny is loved throughout the world!! Her manner, smile, respect for ingredients and love of family – all is conveyed in videos – Her beautiful face allows me to believe Love and Peace are achievable in this world….

  3. All you negative people should shut up at least she is kind enough to fill in for her grandmother !!!
    And if you can do it better then make your own cooking show .
    Newsflash granny's not going to live forever so think about that .

  4. So relieved to hear that grandma is coming back soon…… Thank God, really missing her like anything . Rajinimaam is also making tasty dishes…… Ingredients are always the same only technics differ a little, so I'm beginning to get a little bored. You are not preparing vegetarian dishes, waiting for some