Butchery Lesson Lamb Partition How To Cut Recipe


How to prepare lamb, sheep, and goat with boned and boneless shape
First of all you need to cut the neck part of the lamb
A downward pressure is applied and the neck is separated from the joint in this way
How to prepare the bone in this video first
How to prepare the chops, I will show the joints of the lamb
Cut the forearm parts of the lamb with a knife
A newly cut lamb or sheep is kept hanging for a day before breaking up
It is necessary to separate the back butt after cutting and separating the two forearms
The right side and the left side of the upper hip part are cut
Reverse downward pressure is applied and thus the butt joint is removed
Cut from the boneless part with a knife
The lamb’s shank joint is right there in the white part
You will see that you are leaving easily if you cut the right place
It is removed from the place where it will be subjected to reverse printing after a little cutting with the knife at the top and bottom
It can be boiled in this portion and it is possible to cook for five hours in the oven
I need to cut off the tip of the bone
Divide the neck into round pieces so as to be boiled or whipped
With the help of the line is divided carefully
 Divide the ends of the forearm into stiffness
Cut off the tip of the bones
Now ribs and chops parts will be prepared
We will prepare the meat that is suitable for barbecued ribs and severns
First make two pieces of nerve with knife
Cutting right down to the left with a knife
Cut carefully with the line, the middle portion of the back of the sheep’s back is removed
Backbone part removed
The points you need to cut with a knife are clear
There is white cartilaginous tissue at the extreme tip of the bones, which makes your job easier if you know where these joints are located
Prepare this way if you want a very long boneless chop
Cut the intermediate parts of the bones with a knife into single pieces
A little crushed and marinated with steel crusher, can be cooked on barbecue or in the oven
Wrap the rib in half to make smaller chops
Prepare two boneless ribs to make barbecue
After the two stitches, the third bone may come out without bone
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Now I will show you in detail how to prepare whole boneless meats
Divide neck part first
Easily remove the arm parts with a knife
Cut the rear butt with a knife and apply an inverse pressure to the tail
Peel off the fleshy part of the outer surface of the crustacean with a knife
Remove the long meats from the bottom
Cut out the meats between the ribs one by one
We have no more meat, we are done with this piece
The rear part is the most fleshy part
Remove the hip bone first
Once you find the joints, you can hang them out
Only two bones in the middle after the hip bone is removed
Prepare the meat of the butt in this way
Separate the forearm bone from the forearm
Strip the top meat with a knife
Carefully remove from the paddle to the meat
This is a ten kilogram of lamb, a rather small lamb
This lamb will raise eight kilograms of meat
There is no other part after you have separated the meat from the neck
Now a fifteen kilogram sheep will be prepared
If there are hairs on the outer surface of the meat it is possible to clean it with dish cloth
13 kilograms of meat will come out of this fifteen kilograms
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