Can You Eat Spaghetti & Lose Weight?? Healthy Low Calorie Meal Prep


Are you ready to eat spaghetti and meat sauce and still lose weight!? This low calorie recipe for weight loss will blow your mind because the flavors are bold and comforting. you have never had meal prep this healthy and tasty before. This healthy spaghetti recipe is perfect for meal prep for the week and seriously low calorie, low carb. This low calorie recipe is thanks to shirataki low carb noodles and a ground chicken meat sauce. You are gong to love this spaghetti recipe for healthy meal prep for weight loss.

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380 calories per meal
15 grams of fat per meal
28.3 grams of protein
27.8 grams of carbs per meal
9.4 grams of fiber per meal


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  1. I'm new to your channel and must say I'm impressed. I love spaghetti but not the carbs and sometimes use spaghetti squash. I tried this recipe last night and WOW. My wife and I loved it an will certainly do it again. I'm not usually a fan of tofu but am converted at least by the noodles. Thanks for sharing these recipes and I am going to do many more meal preps for weight loss.

  2. I made this and was so impressed! I was really concerned about the noodles as they smelled weird soaking in that liquid in the package. But after rinsing them well and cooking out the water on the stovetop, they just absorbed all the deliciousness of the sauce. Cooking out the water on the stovetop is such a brilliant idea! Thank you! I've been loving this lunch all week!

  3. I'm like binge watching right now so I can run and do my next awesome food grab. I like that there are vegetarian options but they are a bit sparse.. can we have some more vegetarian takes on some popular meat dishes? Perhaps a veggie loaf with a cranberry topping? Tis the season for cranberries coming up!

  4. New subbie here , Iā€™m so inspired with your receptors for meal preps . Iā€™m looking for the one you did on the Rachel Ray show !

  5. Did you hear about the latest fad piece of science, that fat is good and sugar/carbs are what is bad for you? Maybe try a Leto meal prep for the week, I would like to try one, thanks!

  6. Bobby: I just can't get over the smell and texture of shirataki noodles. I've been bullish on whole wheat pasta despite the super-outrageous carb count. I mean, as long as you only eat it once and a while, its not gonna hurt the effort too much! Anyway: great video man!!!

  7. Also I want part 2 fall Inspired soup! I think of you do a whole vid on healthy ramen it would get a ton of views! Js (: roasted tomato sounds good too!

  8. I love that you dedicate your channel to healthy eating! I'm struggling to get on that train (have been for a few years) but when I do start up it's because of your videos (: thank you bobby!! Keep it up! (I'm starting again; I will try to make it a lifestyle this time around!)

  9. No deal!Show us your bwebes Meatmaster šŸ˜‰ lol great recipe <3
    ps: love your opening the jar move like The Hulk šŸ˜€ I stay in the UK and they do call it rocket haha!

  10. You have the best cooking channel on Youtube by far! I'm excited every week to watch your episodes. You have converted me to Meal Prep!

  11. Im going to look for those noodles today…the Giveaway, do we need to re-enter every week or will the winners be picked out of the single entry?