Chicken Tinga Recipe- Spicy Mexican-Style Stewed Chicken in Chipotle …


Learn how to make a Chicken Tinga Recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Spicy Mexican-Style Stewed Chicken in Chipotle Sauce!


  1. If you can't find chipotle here are two other options:

    – Spanish smoked paprika (pimentón de la Vera) is a must-have ingredient
    in any decent kitchen imho, and adds a rich, rustic smoky-pepperyness
    to your fare. It can be had cheaply off Amazon, or you can stockpile on
    it on your next visit to Spain (them pretty tins and some good ole
    Spanish saffron make great gifts). Then simply add some cayenne or fresh
    chilies to the mix to crank up the spice in lieu of those Jalapeenows,
    and perhaps a dollop of BBQ sauce just for a laugh.

    – If you can't be bothered to source the paprika (a grave sin), you can
    roast red peppers in a covered pan with plenty of oil, flipping them
    over for a good 20min until they're soft and well charred on all sides.
    Then peel them and blend them into your sauce together with some spice.
    You'd be surprised how smoking delicious these are.

  2. You talk like this. …Hi i am jordan. My favorite color is blue. I like chicken too. I think ill make chicken tacos. You have to buy chicken…. fuck its annoying.

  3. Hi CJ, I made this, and had it with rice and sour cream, and it was super tingalicious. Can you make a green version of the chicken tinga? Best food wishes.

  4. This is awesome! My sis makes Tinga all the time. Less soupy and she uses it to make deep fried quesadillas like in Mexico City. So delish. Love you Chef John.

  5. I made this with fresh (roma) tomatoes (like Chef John suggested) and dry basil since stores around my area don't carry San Marzano, and it was still awesome.

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  8. your videos are calming me , after a long stressfull week at work , i relax waching some new ideas for dinner ;D ty friend! keep doing that !

  9. Making this tonight. For once, I have all the ingredients to follow along.
    My plan is tacos along with black beans and rice.
    My dad says, "It better not suck!" Haha! I'm sure he'll enjoy this one!

    Multiple bazingas for your take on the tinga, sir! I ignored the comment section, and did exactly as you described. This stuff is fantastic–with a capital 'TASTIC'!
    The key is making it a labor of love, and letting the components properly reduce producing a very rich, mouthwatering, comfort food. I don't think you could emphasize that enough.
    I went through the motions of making my own taco, after feeding everyone else, then just went straight for the money. Tinga over my black beans and rice with cilantro salsa, queso fresco, and sliced jalapeno on the side…I'm ready to be read a story and tucked into bed.
    Thank you once again for the lesson.
    Oh, and Dad said it didn't suck! That's like 4 stars from Judge Judy!

  10. A large area of food is drink. Any chance we can get some good beverage vids? Like kambucha, coffee, homebrewed drink or any number of liquid recipies?

  11. I do not know how it will taste but sure this not the right way to do it very simple more simple than this just fry the onion and then use bone less chicken cut to small chunks and but water to cover this and leave for 15 minutes on high fire and just blend the tomato with the chili add the salt and spices that you need and then just add it to the chicken after it's coked and leave on low fire for 5 minutes please don't be offended by this just some time I see that you make things so hard