Drink your Veggies Kids!-Carrot Apple Orange Juice-Yummy Raw Juice R…


This delicious juice recipe is a great way to sneak in a vegetable without your kid knowing. The recipe is very easy to make. All you need is some carrots, apples, oranges and a juicer! We are using the Bella Brand Juicer that we purchased from Target for $99. I have included the link below.


This juice recipe is also great for someone on a juice cleanse diet, whole foods plant based diet or Raw vegan diet. The juice is slightly creamy, smooth, colorful, delicious and kind tastes like a creamsicle orange push pop! We hope you like and try this yummy juice combination! YOU WILL LOVE IT! Sneak in those veggies and all the nutrition and vitamins that come with them!

Ingredients you will need..

4 Carrots
4 Apples (any kind except granny smith) We used pink lady apples
4 Oranges (or 8 mandarin oranges)

this recipe makes 4 servings of juice

Don’t forget to compost your leftover pulp!