Healthy Cheap Meal Prep | Skinny Stew!


Flat Tummy meal prep ! Try my skinny stew and quick fall outfit of the day! ENJOY


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  1. You cannot imagine how much your videos bring positive energy into my life. Trying to get over a heartbreak and just listening to your advice makes me not want to sit in bed and sleep for over 13 hours a day just to not feel anything. You honestly are a blessing, thank you so much..

  2. It would be really great if you listed ingredients for recipe in description box. Hard to sift though the video in the grocery store.

  3. looks so good! Any suggestions for a healthier spin on a pumpkin spice flavored coffee?? Its fall and I can't resist PS flavors but they're typically not diet friendly:/

  4. Looks tasty but I would do either the broth or the seasoning packet and zero added salt. Veggies in soup don’t need to be salted before hand. I expected this to be a lot healthier judging by the title

  5. Hey girl, I love your personality and tips, but I just want to inform you and the others of the following that might help you at least minimize any animal products you might (or the other people reading this) might have: One pound of cheese needs 10 pounds of milk for it to be produced. Imagine the amount of suffering those animals go through, being trapped day and night, with a device attached to their body parts for the dairy products people choose to consume. Then the animal gets killed. What kind of life is that? Not a life. 8 billion chickens in one year and just in one country are being consumed (the United States). And the average chicken is around 5 pounds, and each pound of chicken uses 500 gallons of water to raise! No wonder there’s a global warming problem and that the amazons forests are being cut off right now even though we need the oxygen those forests provide and we need those forests’ ability to absorb co2 (since co2 is what’s causing global warming) … and people wonder why some people are vegan for environmental purposes— this is why 😮 also, every pound of beef uses 1,799 gallons of water.  Source: , ,

  6. Hey Sam so I'm trying to eat healthy and I'm more motivated than ever. The thing is that my parents buy a lot of junk foods and we always have meat or bread to eat and also beverages in the fridge. I haven't had sodas for months now and I've just stick to water. My sleeping is good I get about 8 hours of sleep, sometimes 7. I just don't know how to restrain myself from eating junk foods specially if my parents always buy them. How do I get healthy when I'm surrounded with bad foods?

  7. I was in the grocery on Sunday, literally thinking to myself and wondering what you do when the holiday season comes around and there's all the tempting seasonal food… because I really can't resist pumpkin goodies. You should make a video strictly about fall indulgences and how to make healthier versions! Love ya, Sam! xo

  8. That looks so good! Trying that today! Can you do more crockpot meals please? (Lazy girl here). Maybe something with squash or pumpkin? I got a fur baby too she's called Millie and I'm definitely trying those cookies for her! Love you Sam x