Hong Kong Pork Chowmein


Who doesn’t love to eat stir fry chow mein ( noodle ) , here is a cooking that will satisfied your tummy for this type of food. Hong Kong Style Stir Fry : Pork with cabbage, beans sprout & julienne carrot strips , saute with aromatic garlic and ginger then finished with delicious sauce combination.


  1. I thought Hong Kong style chow mein is fried noodles with the veggies/sauce underneath? Then you mix it all up and you have what looks like a regular chow mein?

  2. I don't understand Chef. When you say that I can add 2 TBS of sugar to my marinating sauce to have the caramel taste. So what do I do? add the suger to the meat at the beginning before cooking or to the cup with the other ingredients at the end Thanking you.

  3. Hello Happy Wok, I just have a quick question concerning bamboo shoots: When you buy them shrink wrapped, but only use a small amount, how do you repackage and store the rest, and how long will it last? (Of course anyone else who knows that can also answer)

  4. Thanking you Chef for answering and explaining. Another question if I may. When I cook i try to capture that caramel taste that I remember eating in restaurants . Can you teach me how to get it when I cook.I LOVe what I am making BUT there is this particular taste smell in my Stir Fry. would it be that they used Sweet Soy Sauce.? Thanking you.