How to cook a Leg of Lamb – 60 Second Video – Recipes by Warren Nash


You can’t beat the taste of oven roasted lamb. Check out my video on how to cook a leg of lamb on the bone. In this video I include timings for rare and well done.

I also add extra flavour using garlic and rosemary to season the joint whilst it’s roasting in the oven. TIP – use some of the lamb leg juices to roast your potatoes in.

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Ingredients (Serves 8 | Prep time: 10m | Cooking time: 1h 15m | 223 calories & 12g fat p/serving):

– 2kg Leg of lamb (on the bone)
– 2 Bulbs of garlic
– 6 Sprigs of rosemary
– 3 tbsp Olive oil
– Salt and pepper