How To Make Medium Rare Chicken Fried Steak — You Can Do This!


This week on You Can Do This!, tips and tricks guru Clifford Endo combats all of the usual pitfalls of comfort food favorite chicken fried steak. The result is a medium rare cut of beef surrounded by the characteristic crust, and smothered with a flavor-packed all-meat gravy. Sound too good to be true? Watch the video above to find out how to create it at home.

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  1. My God, so many idiots in the comments who can't read.

    It doesn't claim to be chicken. It says Chicken-Fried Steak, which means steak that is fried in the same fashion that chicken is fried.

  2. dont use butter while sous vide
    it acually binds with the protein molecules and takes them away and takes the flavor with it

  3. Mr. Chow has a tempura filet mignon. Looks similar but with a less thick crust. Best fucking thing I've ever eaten.

  4. This is a great video for people who bought a $600 sous-vide machine but didn't spring for a $90 vacuum sealer.

  5. Bro
    If you're ever in Australia look me up. You and me are gonna tear shit up . Thanks for sharing and keepin it real