Alaskan blueberries grow in a harsh natural environment. They are a super-food long used by native Alaskans as a potent natural remedy and health producing natural food source.


Some of the facts I have found that are specific to blueberries from Alaska are:

  • Alaskan berries have an antioxidant rating which is 10 times higher than common blueberries, and common blueberries ranked number ONE in antioxidant potency in a test done by the USDA
  • Blueberries in Alaska grow during periods of 24 hours of sunlight which gives them thicker skin to fight the UV rays…thicker skin means more antioxidants
  • During the growing season, grizzly bears survive by eating thousands of wild blueberries every day
  • These blueberries have intense health producing powers that have been touted by health experts, the national media, and medical professionals
  • They have been used for centuries by Alaska’s native people as natural remedy and health producing superfood

The blueberry juice that I drink comes from wild blueberries that grow in Alaska. “Kyani” is the name of the juice. It is a native word that Alaskans have given to blueberries meaning “strong medicine.”

I have been drinking this juice daily for about three months now. I am now feeling healthier than I have in a long time. My husband has been drinking this juice too and has noticed that he has more energy and does not get sick (even when our kids are).

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