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WATCH KIM’S VIDEO (vegan “crab” cakes and LOADED chili fries!!):

(recipe can be made gluten free by subbing brown rice flour in the mushroom batter, and using a vegan gluten free flour mix for the waffles.)

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  1. This was a great video collab with the ChicNatural and the founder of Thrive Market. I can't wait to try the vegan recipes for crab cake, waffles & chicken. They look yummy. Also, I can't wait to purchase your cookbook @sweetpotato soul and shop at Thrive Market!

  2. Omg I missed you and Kim you guys so much … decided to try vegan and Hurricane Irma and Mira hit the BVI now it still processed food … n this is the first video I watch … love you so much maybe next year we'll get more healthy foods … #bvistrong

  3. I love you and your recipes. I was vegetarian for 3weeks until my fam ran out of food and the storm came through so…. But I'd love to go vegetarian and possibly shift to vegan in the near future ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I am new vegan still trying to figure things out. My question to you is how do I still have a active social life when every one else around isnt vegan? When I go out on dates it hard to choose a resturant or places because he is not vegan? I think is the hardest part for me. What do you suggest???? also what about vacation

  5. I love hearing about the people gifted memberships. It's nice knowing that Thrive is holding true to that promise. There are lots of direct to buyer stores that give me pretty similar deals to thrive on most products but I went ahead and got the membership because of the philanthropic aspects of the company

  6. I liked the idea but there are waaayyy too many ingredients. I can't imagine doing this on a work day or that it would last more than a couple of days if I included it in my weekend meal planning.

  7. It's amazing that you have the founder there! This looks really good! I might be able to trick my hubby with those waffles being vegan too!

  8. I’m super allergic to mushrooms but I am SOOOO gonna use that waffle recipe! ❤️ Also you’re one of the prettiest people I’ve and just through this video you are RADIATING joy! Keep on rockin girl!