What I Ate in a WEEK as a CHEAP LAZY VEGAN #2


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Today’s video is another WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK AS A VEGAN video where i show you guys everything I ate in one week. I’m beginning to love these types of videos so I hope you guys are enjoying them!

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★ KOREAN BBQ STIR FRY SAUCE (bulgigo sauce) – https://youtu.be/-s0CL1-kmMw
★ EASY CREAMY PASTA RECIPE – https://youtu.be/xWBetY7IfKU
★ MEAL PREP VIDEO #2 (chocolate muffin + seitan stir fry + high protein spaghetti recipes) – https://youtu.be/vXI0KIPEjPg
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  1. Do you have a link for where you got your boxes for freezing and heating ? 🙂 New subscriber here! I really like your §20 meal preps 🙂 Even though im from Denmark so the prizes are very different 😉 But they are very good for inspiration. Do you have an insta as well ?

  2. I understand the struggle of saying things that aren't true without realizing, causing me to doubt my sanity at times but you know we are human and get get a fart in our brain sometimes

  3. Hey there , I'm a 19 year old vegan college student and I'm new here on youtube!  Anyone want to be friends and subscribe to each other!?

  4. Sure..I'm vegan too but you should use a microwave oven…it kills the nutrients in the food…Chk it out online if you don't believe me..

  5. I think that what I miss the most about having to go GF is just regular noodles and toast. :/ Either way, your food looks great! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Do you have a favorite brand of the vegetable dumplings? I get so intimidated at the Asian market because there are so many brands And I don't know if any are better than the others.

  7. It seems like you eat nonstop and with all that rice I would still be fat af… You must have awesome metabolism. Either that or what you're eating just has no calories unless it's in the rice. lol I'm not vegan, but I've been considering it more and more and videos like this make it seem less like a sacrificing of all that tastes good. I think the key to this is finding sauces that are vegan to drown out all the blandness. I'm just so in love with cheese and sour cream and ice cream… Dairy in general. That's my only kryptonite… and honey. Meat is probably one of the easiest things for me to get rid of actually. It's weird.

  8. I ran out of my big tub of red pepper paste and lemme tell you, i'm still having withdrawals. Ive been meaning to buy an even bigger tub but I've been too lazy to drive all the way to hmart to get it (it's only like 35 minutes away but I'm lazy and cheap, and a new vegan 😉 )

  9. For the Boba tea, I heard most times that the boba is soaked in honey. Is that true? Was the spot that you went specifically vegan-friendly?

  10. As you mahh from vegan hell, please eat more greens, more greens and more whole grains. All that white rice is constipating me for the next 6 months or so… More fruit wouldn't hurt either. Again, could be yo grandma, love unconditionally, subscribed for life, just saying….